mom discovered this 3rd year high school oil painting of mine during a visit to my uncle’s in our province last week. this inspired me to paint again.

awaiting my wife, who was working during her duty. so i grabbed my sketchbook and by the time my sketch is over i’m set to pick her up.

sketch of my busy mom…another old stuff.

i doodled zombies after watching zombie land with my son. tons of questions and explaining about the movie right after.

Java Rise

After layoff working as a freelance animator for 4 years. i did try going back to college but for some reason it didn’t materialize. here are some of my old sfuff wayback college days 1994  PHILIPPINE WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY 1st Term, Bachelor Of Fine Arts, Majored In Advertising .

interesting insect i found it in our backyard it’s cicada the world’s loudest insect. In the summer, cicadas call to each other from the trees. You can hear them from far away.

Plush Bunny 

doodle is “the cure” for boredom. 

indeed doodling Robert Smith while listening to Itunes is  the cure to that sleepy afternoon.

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